Day 2, October 23, 2018

Prof. Nikolaus Koeniger
University of Wurzburg, Germany
Title : “Harmony of Living Bees”

Prof. Damayanti Buchori
Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia

Title : Bees, Science and Society : A Transdisciplinary Approach in Search of Wisdom

Dr. Sih Kahono
Indonesian Institut of Science, Indonesia
Title : “Diversity and the Potential of Indonesian Native Bees”

Day 3, October 24, 2018

Dr. Lucas Alejandro Garibaldi
Universidad Nacional de Rio Negro, Argentina.
Title : To be confirm

Dr. Siti Farida
University of Indonesia, Indonesia
Title : Clinical Study of Antifungal Effect of Ovula Propolis

Prof. Shigenori Kumazawa
The University of Shizuoka, Japan.
Title : “Propolis Technology”