Official Rules And Regulation


Official Rules & Regulations

Join the 14th Asian Apicultural Association Conference and show your masterpiece to inspire the world about bees and the sustainability of our environment.

The contest categories and class are :

A.    Honey Contest For Individual Class

A.1.  Apis bees extracted honey

A.2.  Apis bees comb honey

A.3.  Stingless bees extracted honey

B.    Honey Contest For Commercial Class

B.1.  Apis Extracted honey

B.2.  Apis Comb honey

B.3.  Stingless bees Extracted honey

C.    Innovative Products (beekeeping technique or bee products innovation)

D.    Photography contest

E.    Best Booth Competition


As you register to take part in the 14TH Asian Apicultural Association Conference Product Contest, you agree to comply with “Official Rules and Regulations”. Participation implies full acceptance of these rules and regulations.



1.1   Participation is open to all amateur and professional beekeepers, representatives of beekeepers’ associations, producer groups, packers, traders, scientists, researchers, beekeeping journalist and professional publishers registered for the Asian Apicultural Association Conference 2018 (hereinafter – the “AAA”)

1.2. English is an official language of the AAA 2018. All applications and supportive documents must be submitted in English.

1.3. There is no limit on the number of classes entered by a person.

1.4. Entrant may submit up to a maximum of three exhibits in each class, but no single exhibit may be shown in more than one class and an entrant shall not be entitled to more than one award in any one class.

1.5. Participants can apply, either individually or in groups : in case of group projects



2.1.  To participate in the Contest the entrant must read the AAA 2018 official rules and regulations, list of categories and classes, requirements for the exhibits.

2.2. By submitting an entry, each entrant agrees to the AAA 2018 Official Rules & Regulations and confirms that his or her entry complies with all requirements set out in the Official Rules & Regulations.

2.3. There is separate participation procedure for each categories.

2.4. To participate in the Contest you must:

2.4.1. Register for the 14th AAA conference on the website

2.4.2. Select proper category you would like to participate in

2.4.3. Download and fill up the Participation Form, and then send it by email to

2.4.4. Prepare all exhibits for each category you participate in, according to the requirements to each exhibit.

2.4.5. Deliver all the exhibits accompanied by the printed “Participation Form” and the “Registration Confirmation Form” that you’ll receive via e-mail after complete the payment.

2.4.6. Payment has to be done for each single exhibit

2.5. All applications must include the following information to the registration form:

2.5.1. Applicant’s personal details and required information.

2.5.2. Categories and number of exhibits in it

2.5.3. Confirmation of agreeing to the Contest official rules and regulations



3.1. Contest Registration fees are :

A.   Honey contest for Individual Class : USD 20

B.   Honey contest for Commercial Class : USD 80

C.  Innovative products : USD 20

D.  Photography contest : USD 20

E.   Exhibition booth contest : included with the payment of exhibition booth

3.2. Payment to be transferred to :

Account number   :       308 390 1116



Bank name        :  BANK CENTRAL ASIA


3.3.  All entry fees are non-refundable under any circumstances. 

3.3.  The 14th AAA organizing team reserves the right to increase or reduce entry fees for special promotions. 

3.4.  The 14th AAA Product Contest entry fee covers the contest participation on October 21 24, 2018 during the Congress. The fee does not include attendance to the Congress, refreshments and lunch, travel and accommodation costs. A corresponding receipt will be issued for your records. 



4.1.  The application deadline is September 30, 2018 until 12.00.

4.2. Exhibits should be delivered to the Contest by the exhibitor at the AAA 2018 Office desk and staged by stewards to the Contest exhibition area from October 22, 2018 between 09:00 till 17:00. Those exhibitors who arrive late and don’t submit exhibits for staging in time will be automatically disqualified.

4.3. Judging of exhibits will be held on October 23, 2018 till 12:00

4.4. During the Official Closing Ceremony of the Conference on October 24, 2018 all winners with their medals will be invited to the stage.

4.5. Collection and removal of exhibits will take place on October 23th, 2018 19:30 in the presence of a steward.

4.6. The Contest Organizers reserve the right to change any time and deadlines.



5.1. An Exhibitor delivers all the exhibits in person, accompanied by the printed “14th AAA PRODUCT CONTEST Participation Form” and “Registration Confirmation Letter”.

5.2. Special table will be provided near the entrance that enable to unpack your exhibits and do any final preparations.

5.3. Cardboard containers, wooden boxes and other packing sheets can’t be left on the premises as they violate to the fire regulations.



6.1. Exhibits will be checked in against your Registration Confirmation Form and passed for staging by stewards. Exhibitors must attach the stickers with exhibit number to the corresponding exhibits as part of the final preparation. The stickers will be provided by the organizers upon registration.

6.2. Exhibits in display classes should be staged by the exhibitor in arrangement with the steward.

6.3. The missing exhibits will be marked with a note – NOT COMING.

6.4. No exhibits may be removed until after the Contest closes on October 24, 2018 at 13:00.



7.1. Make sure you check both the class and exhibit numbers on each entry and that they correspond with those on the Registration Confirmation Form

7.2. When all have been collected and checked on the Registration Confirmation Form by the steward, you will be asked to sign the form; the steward will countersign it, indicating that you have submitted all exhibits.

7.3. Organizers of the Contest and of the Conference are not responsible for any late, lost, damaged, misdirected, postage due, stolen, incomplete, or misappropriated entries.


8.    JURY

8.1. All exhibits will be judged by AAA officials, experts and representative from each country delegation.

8.2. The contest committee is responsible for general coordination of the judging process, interpretation of any rule, is consulted in a case of discrepancy in the opinion of the Judges, as well as for disqualification, non-awarding, or downgrading of awards.

8.4. Judges are responsible for analysis of the submitted documentation, evaluation of the presentation of the product, estimation of visible and sensory defects and general judging process.

8.5. Stewards are responsible for registration process, staging of exhibits, assisting to the judges during judging process, general moderation and consultation during “open doors program’, collection and final clearing up at the end of the Contest.

8.6. Each member of the jury must judge the qualities of the exhibits presented “in all conscience” without prejudice and with full independence.

8.7. The jury will use its best efforts to announce the finalists at the designated time, but will not be held liable for any unforeseen delays.

8.8. The jury reserves the right to reject any entry that does not comply with the requirements of the competition and not to award all or any of the prizes in any class.

8.9. The decision of the jury is final, non-negotiable and may not be argued or appealed.



9.1. Exhibits will be judged by allocation of 1 to 10 points for each of judging criteria and results will be filled in to the assessment form.

9.2   All judging criteria of exhibits will be evaluated according to the points characteristics :

Excellent – 10 points

Very poor – 1 point

9.3. Each category and type of classes will have its own distinct judging criteria.

9.4. The decisions of the Judges over every instance shall be final, binding and unchallengeable.

9.5.  All results will be summarized and analyzed statistically.


NB: If any exhibit is found to be adulterated, the penalty shall be disqualification. Judging Committee will totally exclude from the Contest honey presenting a serious defect -double phase, coarse crystallization, presence of exogenous smells, tastes or aromas etc., so it cannot be granted any award.



10.1.   Official Closing Ceremony of the Contest will be held on October 24, involving the AAA Conference participants. Any delegate holding the valid Conference pass may attend the Ceremony.

10.2.   List of finalists will be displayed to general public during the Conference.

10.3.   The winners will be granted the Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals, according to the ranks earned, accompanied by the corresponding certificates.

10.4.   All the winners will be invited to the stage during the official closing ceremony of the Conference.

10.5.   An explanatory dossier of the contest with the results will be given to the journalists attending the Conference.

10.6.   An interview and photography’s of each winners will be published on official website.

10.7.   No prize transfer, assignment, or substitution by winners is permitted.



11.1.   Make sure that your exhibit is in the right class.

11.2.   All entries must be produced by the contestant. Individual classesexhibits should be the genuine products of the exhibitors own apiary. AAA contests exhibits must constitute the exclusive or shared intellectual property of the exhibitor and the subject should be related to bees or beekeeping.

11.3.   For Honey Contest :

11.3.1. Honey exhibits should be produced by bees from nectar of plants or secretions of living parts of them, or from excretions of plant-sucking insects on the living parts of the plants, that the bees collect, transform and combine with specific substances of their own, deposit, dehydrate, store and leave in honey combs to ripen and mature. It can be produced by Apis bees and stingless bees.

11.3.1. Apis bees honey exhibits must meet the following specifications: correct weight (between 350 and 750 g) and filling level, uniformity of two jars (for extracted honey classes), cleanliness of jars and lids, absence of any labels or proof seals (all individual classes), cleanliness and clarity of the honey, absence of defects, no dust on the surface of the honey, homogeneity, correct color, transparency and absence of granulation for liquid honeys, absence of contamination and foreign bodies.

11.3.2   Stingles bees honey exhibits must meet the following specifications: correct weight (between 100g and 200g) and filling level, uniformity of two jars, cleanliness of jars and lids, absence of any labels or proof seals (all individual classes), cleanliness and clarity of the honey, absence of defects, correct color, transparency and absence of granulation for liquid honeys, absence of contamination and foreign bodies.   

11.3.3. Extracted honey must be exhibited in standard colorless glass jars of any shape and size or clear transparent plastic containers. Jars or containers must have secure, easily removable lids, standard screw tops or twist-offs. Lids may be either metal or plastic.

11.3.4. Honey exhibits in commercial classes must be labeled according to current legislation for honey for sale. Packaging exhibits must be presented as for sale and only the attractiveness of the labels and packed materials will be taken into consideration by the judges.

11.3.5. General quantity of honey to be staged on display is not restricted, but required display area must not exceed 600 x 600 x 600 mm. Exhibitors may make use of anything they consider will add value to the display.

11.3.6. Exhibitors may attach a laboratory analysis from local appointed laboratory, to declare that the exhibits are pure honey.


NB : Exhibitors are responsible for unpacking, staging and repacking their own exhibits



12.1.   Participation in the contest entails the candidate’s approval of the rules and regulations herein as well as any decisions taken by the jury.

12.2.   Any complaints and questions must be submitted in written form to the AAA 2018 Office or by email (

12.3.   Any appeal has to be made before the end of the Contest.



13.1.   Participation in the contest implies the acceptance of these rules and regulations and decisions taken by the judges and AAA 2018 organizing team.

13.2.   Any violation of these rules & regulations will result in disqualification of the violator and selection of an alternative winner.

13.3.   General responsibilities of Contest organizing committee:

13.3.1   The Contest Organizing Team reserves the right to modify or amend the prizes, rules, terms and conditions of the competition at any time.

13.3.2   The Contest Organizing Team is not responsible for entrant’s non-receipt of any informational and additional emails for any reason, including but not limited to, server or email malfunctions.

13.3.3   The organizers cannot be held responsible for the cancellation, postponement or modification of the competition due to unforeseen circumstances, nor will they be responsible for any theft, loss, delay or damage incurred by entrants during the transport and exhibiting of their entries.

13.3.4   The Contest Organizing Team will have the right to include winners name on compilation materials to be used for publicity and promotional purposes. The materials will not be for sale.

13.4.   General responsibilities of entrants:

13.4.1   Entrant is responsible for providing the up-to-date and correct email address.

13.4.2   Entrant agrees to allow their names to be used for publicity purposes by Organizers during and after the Contest.

13.4.3   An entrant agrees that exhibit or any part there of may not be removed until after the closure of the Contest. No exhibit may be tasted or in any way interfered with by the entrant or any person but the judges during the Contest without the special permission from the judge referee.